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Vixey | 22 | Zombie | FC: Cintia Dicker | OPEN

Vixey is an independent lady, so do not try to change her. She runs a tidy bakery, but the boys all want her cake for free. Well, at least Vixey and her family used to run a bakery, before the apocalypse. Vixey’s one of those people with a tragic story of the fate that befell her family — her baker of a father ate the remainder of her family before Amos and Chief could come on and shoot him dead on the spot — but the gist of it was that she was left alone. The girl was still a minor at this point in time, on the cusp of adulthood, but she was still one of the many new cases thrown at Big Mama to house. What Big Mama noticed immediately while Chief and Amos had failed to realize was that Vixey had also been bitten and infected, if at the very least not eaten, by her father. It was Big Mama’s sworn duty to report the incident and banish the poor girl, as an employee of the state, but how was one expected to banish a poor child? So instead Big Mama took mercy on Vixey and brought her out to the Wastelands, instead of banishing her Big Mama helped Vixey get nice and situation for her new life of death. Another thing Big Mama did for the girl was keep an eye out for anyone who could possibly be her companion, in the most innocent form of the word (although Big Mama would be a liar if she said she wasn’t trying to play match maker in the least). That was how Vixey came across Tod, who was a new zombie Big Mama also had to “banish.” The two had quite the rocky start, Vixey’s stubbornness, independence, and inner fire, all which had been human traits of hers, seemed to come out whenever Tod tried to impress her. Eventually the two became quite good friends, and perhaps Big Mama is even right, they could be more than friends? Vixey isn’t completely opposed against the idea.


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