Experience your favorite disney characters try and survive the apocalypse!
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P.T. Flea | 41 | Human | FC: George Lopez | OPEN

Why is his name P. T. Flea? No one knows what the P. T. stands for, that’s a spot a mystery that only the man himself and his dead mother know, but he earned the nickname Flea by being an annoyance to everyone in Disney. No one has ever taken Flea seriously, not even his own family. The man’s been a traveling salesman for twenty plus years now, he doesn’t sell very much but he sure has a lot of connections. He’s got his car guy, his suit guy, his shoe guy, a window guy; you name it he’s got a guy for it! With so many connections and things in Disney Flea hears about things, much like how he heard about the closing in apocalypse before it was put into action. With that kind of valuable information, Flea wanted to get into the Arena business, but with big players such as Jafar and Genie who would undoubtedly dominate that industry, Flea had to come up with some other hair brained scheme to exploit the zombies. And that’s when inspiration struck – he could run a circus full of zombie oddities! Those connections of his came in handy once more when he was led to the most desperate of zombies, offering them shelter, brains, and protection at the price of signing over their undead lives to him and his circus. The circus is of course safe for all humans to enter, as the exhibits are often times regular customers of Dr. Sweet’s underground zombie clinic, only the best for Flea’s public! You can often times see his circus mobile driving through the city, as the location changes to meet certain location needs. The tent is up in moments and of course, the show must always go on! So come one, come all, to P. T. Flea’s amazing zombie circus!