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Anonymous asked:
How active is this rp?

It’s pretty gosh dang active, actually. We have quite a few timee zones represented, so usually at least one person is awake — especially on weekends. 

To me that defines active, at least.

-Mod Alphbet

miss-morphy asked:
Idk if Jess messaged the main or not. But Morph and Jim are an actually couple now... *cheers*



Um, I mean, yes good! The ship page has been updated xD you can find it here.

Hiatus List

Has been updated!

Unfollow Victoria

She seems to have been lost.

jiminy-conscience asked:
Birthday?! Did someone say birthday? [Throws confetti] Happy late/early/right in time birthday!

YES, IT IS THE AMAZING, PHENOMENAL, PERFECT MAMA MOD CHOCO’S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone here loves you, Mod Choco!!! Very much! Have a well deserved, incredible birthday! 

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Anonymous asked:
Where have you all been my beloved mods, i have missed you dearly!

The lovely mods have been busy with school/work/ooc life. In fact, it is the amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing Mod Choco’s birthday weekend!

Hey guys,

Don’t forget we have a ship page! If you have an official ship you want added up there, just message the main!

Follow Violet!

If you can find her.

Follow Aurora!

Don’t take it personally if you bore her to sleep.

Anonymous asked:
Hey, It's Georgie and I was thinking of coming back..

What a coincidence, we were thinking we’d love for you to come back! Everyooooone come back!

-Mod Alphabet