Anonymous said: Do you accept OCs?

Hey love, first of all we have a new main which is located here.

Second, no we don’t. We do, however, have a lot of open characters and we accept face claim changes. So, I’m sure there’s a character somewhere that agrees with you. If not, you can recommended a character, bio points and a face claim and we can get a bio written for you as soon as possible.


Ladies and gentleman, zombies and bonies; it gives Mod ChocoThunda, Mod Star and Mod Panda great pleasure to introduce you to the brand new main!


The new main is now officially up and running and so this one shall be turned into a re-direction theme as of the end of the week, once you follow the new main, please take a look around, take time to read the rules (there are some new ones) and also please check out the OOC masterlist and make sure the information about you is correct. We hope you like the new main, we also have a lot of exciting things coming soon, so get ready for a lot more drama!

- The mod team.


Anonymous said: Upcoming bios?

For starters, we have quite a few bios that were taken down that are being rewritten and being put back up one our soon to be new main. These include bios like Rosetta (Laura Spencer), Dormouse (Chloe Norgaard), and Aladdin (Avan Jogia).

Along with these we have some never before seen character on their way such as the Darling brothers, Michael and John. As well as the rest of our Frozen bios.

i’m confused. all of the starters in the zdostarters tag have lots of replies except a few from forever ago
There have been starters posted during the week that have been ignored, I know that a lot of people have had issues with power and also it’s been 4th of July and even there are a few people on hiatus at the moment, but there has been a few people who have been posting starters this week and have gone unanswered or just get few (under ten) replies. There are also people who only really get replies because certain people reply to them, and we’d really love it if everyone stepped out of their comfort zones a bit more and spoke to everyone. Whether they have removed them since they were unanswered or not I don’t know, but we just want our members to make sure nothing goes unanswered :).

Attention members

It has come to our attention that starters are being ignored, this is a big no no and as you know a roleplay can only survive as long as there are interactions. Please reply to starters as well as posting them, if there are under ten notes reply to it, if it’s a character yours don’t normally talk to, even better, the whole point of roleplay is to be creative and have fun, ignoring people isn’t fun at all! So please get creative and make sure you give love to everyone!



Anonymous said: Adelaide Kane FC?

Hey there, m’love. We don’t have Adelaide as a face claim right now, but I do think we should have one. If you want to play her, you can feel free to look through our open bios (but beware, some are missing as a result of transferring to a new main) and see if you’d be interested in a face claim change. If not, maybe you could think of a character that doesn’t already have a bio that Adelaide could work with. Either way, we can certainly talk about getting Adelaide in as a face claim for you. You can message us off anon if that makes it easier.



Attention everyone!

We’re currently working on our ooc masterlist and we’re missing a lot of information from a lot of you.

For those of you that haven’t already, we need you to send us your ooc name, your timezone, and a list of all the characters you play. Please and thank you!


Anonymous said: Hey, I'm trying to look at your guys' bios, but a lot of your links on your character page aren't working... just thought I'd let you know.

Hey love! We’re actually in the middle of transferring our bios to our new main so the bios don’t work because of that. Basically, we’re in the middle of a revamp sort of thing and as we move bios over we’re posting them as private here. So that’s why the links aren’t working. All the links on the new main will be working perfectly soon enough. Thank you sooo much for letting us know though. We appreciate it. If you want, you can apply for one of the characters that are still around, or you can wait just a little while until they’re available there.